Welcome to the Fighting Rhino Society

The Fighting Rhino Society is a collection of 4.444 Unique NFTs that are on the edge of going extinct. There are many species in the Metaverse, but not one as strong and powerful as the Rhino. Other species don’t compete. They can’t, they won’t. Each Rhino is a unique 3D artwork with a collection of more than 100+ traits.

The rhino, also known as the Rhinocerotidae. Is the strongest, and one of the intelligent species to exist in the metaverse. They will have abilities no other species have. Get access to our play to earn PVP game where holders will have special features and exclusive access to certain in-game-items.

About the society

When you buy a Fighting Rhino, you’re not only buying a piece of art or an avatar. You are gaining membership access to a society of which the benefits and offers will increase over time.

Your Fighting Rhino can serve as your digital identity, and it can open digital doors for you in the metaverse. You will be able to fight with your own NFT in our PVP Play to earn game.

Your Fighting Rhino will be your playable character in the game. Each Fighting Rhino has its own skillsets. You will be able to improve your skills by training, fighting and participating in tournaments. Become the Metaverse World Champion!

Our roadmap

Phase #1

100% Focus one of a kind art

There is only 1 release, only 1 time to do it right. We are obsessed with creating 4444 unique pieces of digital art which will be remembered forever.
Phase #1
Phase #2

Whitelist release

We want to make the pre-sale as affordable as possible to reward our collectors; hence we have chosen a price point of (TBA) for the FRS Whitelist-sale.
Phase #2
Phase #3

Public sale

Our Public sale date will be announced in the discord. We are still confirming the price of mint for the public sale. Check in later to see the mint price. Take notice: our website is the only place to mint!
Phase #3
Phase #4

Building our PVP Play to Earn Game

Your Fighting Rhino will be your playable character in the game. Each Fighting Rhino has its own skill sets. You will be able to improve your skills by training, fighting and participating in tournaments. You will get rewards based on performance. These rewards will be our own $FRS token. Later on it is possible to stake those tokens and earn passive rewards.
Phase #4
Phase #5

Donating to Charity

Rhinos worldwide are almost going extinct. We want to do our fair share to make sure this doesn’t happen. This is why we have decided to donate money to several Rhino charities around the world to make sure our Fighting Rhino’s on the blockchain can co-exist with real rhinos on planet earth!
Phase #5
Phase #6

2ND Drop for tue holders

If you plan to hold your Fighting Rhino, you will be rewarded with a Baby Fighting Rhino at zero costs. We are planning to release the 2nd drop a few weeks after the launch. At that moment in time, every holder will be able to redeem a FREE Baby Fighting Rhino on our website. These Baby Rhino’s will have exclusive in-game features and earn exclusive rewards.
Phase #6
Phase #7

Royalty sharing and community fund

20% of all royalties on OpenSea will be added to the Community Wallet. Every week, with no end date. With the community wallet we will be organizing giveaways and giving back money to the community.
Phase #7
Phase #8

Release of Rhino tokens

Rhino Tokens will be airdropped to NFT holders, and further supply will be minted as a reward for staking your Fighting Rhino. Users will use Rhino tokens to pay for upgrades, Pay for in game features and more. Swaps and liquidity pools will be available on decentralized exchanges.
Phase #8

Our team

King Rhino


Rhino Boss


Rhino Leader


Rhino Park


Rhino Expert



NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’. It is data added to a file to create a completely unique signature. This is stored on a secure digital ledger to identify ownership. NFT’s come in many forms, from images to songs, and create a form of ‘decentralized certification’.

Fighting Rhino’s will be available for purchase on our website FightingRhinoSociety.io through an initial sale. At the time of purchase, a randomly selected NFT will be delivered to your wallet and OpenSea account. Once the initial run of FightingRhinoSociety is sold out, they will be available only on the secondary market, through OpenSea. The link of the minting page will be shared on our official Discord.

The simplest way to purchase an Fighting Rhino is to install a Metamask extension in a Chrome browser and link your Ethereum wallet to it. Ensure that you have enough ETH in your wallet to ensure that you have enough to cover the cost of an Fighting Rhino NFT and the associated transaction (gas) fees. Approve your transaction on Metamask during the mint and you are all set! Fighting Rhino’s will only be available to mint on FightingRhinoSociety.io. Once the initial run of Fighting Rhino’s is sold out, they will be available only on the secondary market, through OpenSea.

We want to provide our community with the best quality art for an affordable price. That is why we chose a mint price of (TBA) (+ gas fees).
There are limited pre-sale spaces available on our Whitelist for members of the community and through giveaways on our social media. To ensure your space on the Whitelist, join our socials and follow closely over the next few weeks.

4.444 unique Fighting Rhino NFTs are being created randomly during the mint.

The launch date will be announced as soon as the project’s quality and technical aspects are fully ready.

Minting process

We are working very hard to make sure our minting process proceeds as flawlessly as possible. A part of our 4444 NFT’s are going to be sold through our whitelist. Our developers are working day and night to make sure everything works as intended. Our whitelisted members will be able to mint their Fighting Rhino before the public can. All Fighting Rhino’s that are not sold through the pre-sale will become available during the public sale. These Fighting Rhino’s will be sold on a first come first serve basis. More details about the minting process will be available soon. Once all Fighting Rhinos are minted you will only be able to buy a Fighting Rhino through OpenSea.

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